House Church

Acts 2:42 // doing life together


When & Where

Tuesdays // 7:00 pm

We begin house church at 7:00 pm each Tuesday evening. To join our online video chat, click the button below. If asked for a meeting password, enter 559648.

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Coming to Jesus in song

We begin house church with a time of singing praises to God. This is always an enjoyable time as musicians from within the church put together a few songs and then allow time for people to pray and respond emotionally in between songs. For now, we won’t be doing normal song time since the sound quality isn’t great over video chat… but are excited to restart regular worship as soon as we can!


Breaking of Bread

Communion with God

Jesus instituted the practice of Breaking of Bread when He told His disciples to do this in remembrance of Him. We do breaking of bread at house church to provide a more personal setting for people to come before God and reflect on their own hearts and to give thanks for the sacrifice of Christ. For online house church, you will need to bring your own bread and grape juice if you want to participate!


Devoted to the apostles' teachings

House church always includes a time of sharing where people are invited to share scriptures, life updates, or other spiritual encouragements. The purpose of this time is to uplift and encourage one another through God’s word and the work that He is doing in each of our lives.



Lifting each others' needs

We end each house church with a time of group prayer, inviting everyone to share prayer requests from their past week. Everyone gets an opportunity to pray and to be prayed for during this time. This is a great way to be spending time before the throne and inviting God to change all of our lives!